Livestock, Environment and Climate Change
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1 Experts look to tackle methane emissions in dairy herds in Asia and Africa 889
2 Research shows beef industry has slashed environmental footprint over 30 years 836
3 Australian farmers seek to lower greenhouse gases 980
4 Western diet is 'incompatible' with targets to avoid climate disaster 989
5 Sustainable diets needed to save the world from disaster 866
6 Report calls for more awareness about livestock emissions 951
7 Changing global diets is vital to reducing climate change, researchers say 1009
8 Feed producers must prepare for the 'great acceleration' 975
9 Localising livestock feed production 14278
10 Lower meat consumption will help water scarcity issues, say researchers 944
11 Livestock gut microbes contributing to greenhouse gas emissions 1050
12 Scientists turn manure into useable water 927
13 Rumen modifiers not as effective as nutrition strategies to cut methane emissions in dairy cows 1001
14 FAO and Chinese partners working to unlock carbon finance for herders and grazers 1025
15 UN report sheds light on extent of nitrogen emissions from meat production 974
16 Eating less meat and dairy key to UN emissions targets 948
17 Ag co-products in poultry diets reduces emissions 910
18 Steps to sustainable livestock 947
19 US egg study reveals reduction in environmental impact 902
20 Bodies work together on meat's environmental impact 966
21 UN targets 30pc reduction in global livestock emissions 1006
22 Multi-stakeholder action for sustainable livestock 1014
23 Campaigners urge shift to less but better quality meat 1102
24 Dairy's carbon footprint: flatulence tops the list 1239
25 Emissions claims too simplistic on meat, politicians claim 1066
26 Green Pig Barns: Reducing the carbon footprint 1290
27 Swedish agri authorities propose meat tax 1453
28 Phosphorus footprint? Shifting dietary habits are complicating a sustainable supply, warn researchers. 1224
29 How eco-friendly are meat analogues? 1401
30 Food and Climate: Are Fundamental Changes in Agriculture Needed? 1161
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Ag GHG Emissions 2010

Ag GHG Emissions 2010

Livestock Emissions

Role of preventing AMR


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